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Hello there, I'm Deni | 15 yrs old|
and this is sort of my blog,I might just post some random stuffs,drawings and sketches.,So THANKS FOR READING ., and have a nice day ^^



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I got bored so I spent more time thinking about Mary, as you do

Okay, so it always bothered me that Shounen Brave and Imagination Forest talk about the same event— but the lyrics don’t ‘match’. and I’ll get to that in a second. I only thought about that while trying to figure out what sort of horrible spoilers Shounen Brave would have in a PV.

As I was going to sleep thinking about it, a realization presented itself to me.  There aren’t two versions of their meeting— there are three. IDK how long it took me to figure out, but there are two different pvs for Imagination Forest (the second goes by the name Fantasy Forest).  Realizing I’d never really compared them, I looked it up.

Imagination Forest is the only Kagerou Project song to have two official versions of the pv, by the way — I ask my friend and she said Lost Time Memory has one that fixes art, but other that, that’s it.

So, I lined up the two videos, right? And they’re pretty the same most of the way through. The first big change comes when Mary gets attacked and Shion defends her. Shion’s animation is more in-depth in Fantasy Forest, but it’s essentially the same difference.

The differences really hit when Seto shows up.  First off, there’s a shot in Fantasy Forest that isn’t in Imagination Forest, of him opening his eyes and smiling when he sees her. It goes by too fast for me to get a screenshot of it tho lol sorry

From that point onwards, though, he’s shown with a face/eyes more often in Fantasy Forest. I’d say it’s just them redrawing him since he became an introduced character, but that hasn’t happened in another other situations… Here’s some examples (caps below the cut)

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a friendly artist tip: once you have no a clearest idea what to draw, genderbend some of your otps, it’s always so much funnnn, at least for me

anyway, for some reason while drawing girl!Ed I kind of came up with this headcanon in which she’s quite \flat\ and it’s her insecurity. (all because I wasn’t entirely sure the girl would be that mad about someone calling her a shortie and therefore why not let the girl have small breasts eheh)

And as for dude!Winry I wasn’t really sure what is the way he’d be mad *like girl!Winry going completely crazy because of broken auto-mail and punching Ed with all the possible stuff*, therefore I thought guy!Winry would be that guy who gets sort of super calm but still terrifying haha

I dunno

I am not even sure anymore what do I ship more the original or this help


It’s time to let go, it’s time to carry on with the show 

don’t mourn what is gone, greet the dawn

n’ I will be standing by your side

together we’ll face the turning tide

No seriously, poets of the fall is probably like my ultimate FMA band, I can’t help it. I must be on a fma kick.:B


The Seven + Nico 

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if it isn’t the shittiest composition for a drawing I don’t know what is

it’s 2am I am hungry and weirdly attracted to Eren’s silly face;__;


wow, and not a year has passed since I started this drawing…

Haha, I’ve always been fascinated about how big Ed’s shoes are comparing to..well..his..height. Sorry, Ed.

I apologize if the clothes for this scene aren’t accurate enough I was too lazy to find this shot=___=

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey! Love your art! THEY ARE AMAZING!! And thank you very, very, much for posting tutorials, they've been helping me a lot!!! But could you help me with a "little" thing? I'm trying to draw my father, but he has a "chubby format" (actual William Shatner's "chubby format"), and I discovered two things: a) I don't know how to draw chubby people; b) there is NO tutorial for this! :x So... Could you help me? I really don't want to disturb you, but if you cold help.... please? *-*
denimacchi denimacchi Said:


okay, here are some quick sketches I did

buuut to be honest I am not very good with it either, especially with explaining how it..I tried to show like main lines, but it might not work for you because there are no actual explanations:C

Just..try to imagine human’s body as a set of certain shapes. and when drawing a chubby person (or plus size), just try to make them bigger and rounder. (sometimes they can be squarish, too)

and I am certain there must be a tutorial somewhere, have you searched on deviant art?

anyway, hope that could help just a bit, so..yeah



Because she’s deaf and can read lips/gestures. Which explains why she’s so fearless and how great courage is at charades.



wow, I am definitely not developing a thing for Armin-Annie, am I? or wait…oh..

Shingeki no kyojin school AU where Annie has a crush on Armin and this smartass has obviously figured it out already.

Which makes me think of another au in which Annie confesses to him and he already knows but still tries to act surprised haha


Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that. 

(art) (inspired)

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Imagine Dragons,
Night Visions


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I have finally finished it and now I am so proud I want to cry rivers of my proud, proud tears.

I’m Really really sorry for it turning out so angsty..But no, I am lying, I am not sorry. Not one bit. I was going to draw some happy ending or something to make the angst easier, but it won over me.

In the end the song *changes*, so just ignore that. I couldn’t find the version I have without that part that would be less than 10mb:[

the end.

thank you for *watching* and sorry for everyone who isn’t in hoo fandom and had to scroll through that:0



Video Version of Viria’s HoH Song-Comic!

To be honest, I’ve never even read the Percy Jackson Series (oops), but I love Viria's art, so when I saw her drawings paired with the Imagine Dragons song, “Nothing Left to Say,” I knew there just needed to be a video version of it. I hope you Percy Jackson fans like it and that Viria finds it eventually ^-^ I sent her a message but I think she gets thousands of those o_o so I wouldn’t be surprised if she missed it in the scuffle.

Anyway, enjoy! I’d say it’s better not full screen because the pictures were kind of tiny (#^.^#) I tried my best (lotsa corny ken burns and crossfades but hey why not).

aww man

ah maaaann I am askdjasldaksj ah o my gooooddd thank you for putting it together in a video in such an amazing way I can’t do such things for life alkdjs thank youuuu

"I keep falling, I keep falling down.."

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