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Hello there, I'm Deni | 15 yrs old|
and this is sort of my blog,I might just post some random stuffs,drawings and sketches.,So THANKS FOR READING ., and have a nice day ^^



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Fan animation of The Amazing World of Gumball. (Episode: Halloween)
Audio was taken from the actual episode from Cartoon Network.






Don’t cry don’t cry DON’T CRY DON’T CRY DON’T—


Yeah no but seriously. Read it.

Holy fuck that twist.

That is some fine writing.

Oh… OH wow.

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So I found this


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au in which nobody goes to Hell and a delinquent and a new kid start an affair on the rooftop lol




That’s the opposite of a problem

I’d love to know how this mistake was made. What was going through their heads at the factory?

"Are you sure it actually says 1,450?"

"Yeah, why would it be a mistake?"

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the fact that you can’t highlight words that you accidentally caps locked and hit Caps Lock to get them lowercase is the reason i can’t sleep at night

except that you can do that


then press shift + F3




April 22, 2013: the day my life changed forever

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The Shatner Game


The Shatner Game

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
What are some of your favorite blogs/artists?
denimacchi denimacchi Said:


Oh this is a tough question so…. I’m just gonna put a lot of links.

Outside of tumblr, some of them includeeee..
HanuolBrittney LeeSayaka OuhitoAkiko Kawamura, Stella SoLusan Blan (two separate artists), Natsume OnoDana TanamachiVictoria Ying/Mike YamadaBubi Au YeungGoro Fujita, zepet (whose site closed years ago), Mall

And for tumblr blogs: 
pascalcampionpomodorosaamemarumellenargyleliskdanaterracehotaruarc (his efx animations are so rad), anna-cattishkevindartjigokuene1nethe, ang, loikazorinvasilibillies, shirotsuki, duckbro, jin, kai, cirou, scribble-notes

There’s a shitton more, but I’m just pulling out ones off the top of my head. Not sure if you were asking for my most influential inspirations or just for a bunch of links to look at but I hope this was useful. I would recommend all the people in that list if you’re looking for some great art. \o/


I got bored so I spent more time thinking about Mary, as you do

Okay, so it always bothered me that Shounen Brave and Imagination Forest talk about the same event— but the lyrics don’t ‘match’. and I’ll get to that in a second. I only thought about that while trying to figure out what sort of horrible spoilers Shounen Brave would have in a PV.

As I was going to sleep thinking about it, a realization presented itself to me.  There aren’t two versions of their meeting— there are three. IDK how long it took me to figure out, but there are two different pvs for Imagination Forest (the second goes by the name Fantasy Forest).  Realizing I’d never really compared them, I looked it up.

Imagination Forest is the only Kagerou Project song to have two official versions of the pv, by the way — I ask my friend and she said Lost Time Memory has one that fixes art, but other that, that’s it.

So, I lined up the two videos, right? And they’re pretty the same most of the way through. The first big change comes when Mary gets attacked and Shion defends her. Shion’s animation is more in-depth in Fantasy Forest, but it’s essentially the same difference.

The differences really hit when Seto shows up.  First off, there’s a shot in Fantasy Forest that isn’t in Imagination Forest, of him opening his eyes and smiling when he sees her. It goes by too fast for me to get a screenshot of it tho lol sorry

From that point onwards, though, he’s shown with a face/eyes more often in Fantasy Forest. I’d say it’s just them redrawing him since he became an introduced character, but that hasn’t happened in another other situations… Here’s some examples (caps below the cut)

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a friendly artist tip: once you have no a clearest idea what to draw, genderbend some of your otps, it’s always so much funnnn, at least for me

anyway, for some reason while drawing girl!Ed I kind of came up with this headcanon in which she’s quite \flat\ and it’s her insecurity. (all because I wasn’t entirely sure the girl would be that mad about someone calling her a shortie and therefore why not let the girl have small breasts eheh)

And as for dude!Winry I wasn’t really sure what is the way he’d be mad *like girl!Winry going completely crazy because of broken auto-mail and punching Ed with all the possible stuff*, therefore I thought guy!Winry would be that guy who gets sort of super calm but still terrifying haha

I dunno

I am not even sure anymore what do I ship more the original or this help